Monday, February 25, 2013

The Past Month

Sorry folks, blogging has been a little scarce around here but we're trying to get back at it. We've just been really busy with church, institute, a benefit dinner, 4-H meetings, running to work, music lessons and planning trips to Ohio, Kansas and Montana on top of chores and typical daily stuff around here. Oh, and did I mention slowly packing and moving stuff to our new house as well as doing some more painting?? It all adds up!

This is our new little addition, Janie.

She's pretty good but she's not house broken yet.

Bread! And we are bread people!

We were invited to the cousins for an African celebration. It was so neat and enjoyable!

Delicious food. (What was it called? Ground nut stew? Mmmm)

Best of friends!

What a privilege to call you all friends!!! We love y'all tons!!


Ice skating with friends

More like playing hockey!

Which was a blast! :)


You can kind of see what our room looks like, now that we are done painting it.

Nathan and Amy started on the boys' room wall

Nathan was an eager helper


Daisy.....(Nathan's plump little beef heifer)

The southwest pasture

Horse soft....and covered in snow. ;)


Baking Valentine cookies

Hearts AND lips. Thanks Em. We will forever think of you!

Mmmm.....nothing beats Grandma's German Sugar Cookies.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Company and Winter

Three girls on a piano!

Making music....

Micah and Michael playing battleship


Boys building ramps for their cars

Little boys and trains ;)

Imagine Iff...(your crazy enough to play it! was really fun!)
We took a quick trip to PA to take Amy to visit Emily and we were able to visit some friends while there (along with James and Em) and have a pizza and game night.
{ Lily and Jo}

Got to see this cutie-pie!

And Amy and Em....if you want to see more pics. of Amy's visit you'll have to visit her blog. (That is whenever she gets around to posting them!)


Fresh brown eggs!

Winter around here


We went skating at a nearby outdoor rink while the ice was good. We were desperate because we all love skating so we went three nights in a row and oh my word, were we all sore!

Skating backwards and Micah trying to be a ballerina on hockey skates. Well, not really. ;)
 The Cozy Cuzzy's came one evening and skated with us

I guess that's enough pictures for this post. =D

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow tubing

Joanna and Adama preparing for take-off

There was about 80 homeschoolers there all together which made for a full hill

 and a long line up the hill!

Tubin' Jo
 Cute Carlie ;)
Our good friend Amy

These two.....;)
And a few other pictures!
Micah and his show heifer, Redbird

Yummy homemade subs.....don't they look amazing??!

Painting our new room

Always an adventure. Jo likes to spend half the time artistically painting her name on the wall before actually painting the wall.

And it's all done now. :)