Monday, May 26, 2014

Several weeks ago...


Little friends enjoying mud puddles

and each other!


Dinner with friends....

(They are our adopted grandparents)

Good times

Puzzling over a puzzle

The wonderful library with the grand piano!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Picture Update!

The season of mud is upon us!

My cute horse! :)


The prisoner. (Driving the skid loader, I might add)


One afternoon we ended up babysitting 11 kids under the age of 10 while their mommies had appointments.
It was so fun, but busy!

Taking advantage of the warmer weather by eating lunch outside!

Such a sweetie!

And just too cute!

Swing rides!

And walks


Friday, May 2, 2014

OPBBC Mission's Conference

Sorry, but the pictures are not very orderly, none-the-less--enjoy.There was an international food court each night in the fellowship hall where Italian, Mexican, Chinese food was sold. All money went to missions. :) It was awesome! 
Girls from girl's camp selling desserts...

Amazing Calzones

Ana and Juliana

Dessert anyone?

Jo made the cake. It looked fabulous!

The great Italian chef and preacher with his wife :)




(Insert of Crown practicing)

Liz was awesome at the cake table

The 300 guys sold cakes one night. They baked their hearts out. They did pretty good! :)

Eager attendants at the Mexican booth

A long line outside the Chinese booth

Micah and Jason doing a sales pitch, no doubt

The Chinese workers

Three lil Mexicans

The 300 guys are easy to spot with their chef hats

Pastor F. having a time of it!

The very last day of MC everyone was getting their Bible's signed

Bro. Adam had a long line!
This was such an amazing missions conference, like, the best ever. It was so practical. Be a missionary right where God has placed you. Reach your neighbors, your co-workers, those around you with the gospel.

"Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Romans 10:13