Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to the cutest 5 year old!
And happy birthday to the awesome, fun loving, violin playing,
 picture avoiding auntie whose birthday she stole.:) 
Miss you Mary girl!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Life

Its living in the country. On a farm. Working hard. It's shoveling silage to hungry cattle in the mud and bitter cold when your muscles are just tired from constant work out, your fingers and face are freezing(and everything else for that matter) and you just got done spending a whole afternoon putting up fence and chopping vines and brush and brambles away from the wire and driving steers down a muddy laneway to their new pasture and fixing fences with icy wind cutting right through you like a knife. Sometimes we complain. About the mud, and the cold, and the frozen hoses, and having to haul water and chase cows that get out. But really, it's the best life in the world. We wouldn't change it.

Because every day we're part of God's creation.

And you're really a part of it when you're on the back of a horse.....

That good earthy/fall-ish smell and the squeak of saddle leather and hoofbeats? Can't beat it.

The roundbales in the field; each and every stalk and kernel of corn......

Old barns and ripened soybeans...
Little brother on old faithful...
....who has let us all learn to ride on him.

 (and the dog can't resist having some fun too)
 Corn ready for harvest...
Country skies....
We thank God for all of this.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013