Friday, March 14, 2014


{ Little oreo teeth }

{ Making peanut butter pie}

{ Storytime }

{ Mary's play corner--always an explosion of dolls, doll clothes and other toys :) }


{ And then some lucky family members went to FL for awhile }


{ And then back at our house.....winter continues. And this little tot is practically our adopted neice along with her brothers and sisters. She wanted to go outside so Josh got her ready...  }

{ And out they went }

{ Lula with her prized egg }

{ He's so awesome with little kids! }

{Mary, just waking up one morning }
{ Saturday morning, we all loaded up and drove down to Moore's pancake house out in the boondocks. We hadn't been there in....20 yrs.? So yeah, most of us don't remember it! }

{Yummy hot chocolate }

{The best part of course, was the maple syrup--all we could want. If you live in NY, you've gotta love it! }

{ Stuffing ourselves with buttermilk pancakes, eggs, sausage and ham }

{ Did he eat too much? }

{ Love your hat, Lisa! :) }

{ Mary with Aunt Sue! }

{ Aim and Ro }

{ Aunt Sue and Aunt Joan with the boys }

{ Us }
{ Celebrating birthdays }

{ The adopted family came over and all the kids played and played. Some great faces here! }

{ Best Buds }

{ Mary's little fingers are perfect for wet willie's which she delights in giving, esp. to Nathan }

{ We love to relax and yak and laugh--and just hang out as a family. So fun! }

{ Nathan always has to tackle David. And David lets him. }

{ Cute }

{ Hugs good bye! }

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pictures from the land of snow and ice


Looking at partially frozen Ontario.

Definitely a bad case of cabin fever.


Do we really swim here in the summer??!

Time for a pony ride in the snow!

An icy sunset

Lots of snow to be moved!

But we're cozy inside :)

Our front yard. Someday it will be green once again!!!