Sunday, February 16, 2014

Family in February

I apologize for the lack of posts and the dead blog, but we're back!
Dana and Lisa and Josh were here for a week and a half and we had a wonderful time! They went to FL for 10 days and then will be back again. :)
We went sledding on a hill about 15 minutes away because that is pretty much the only hill around here since it is so flat.
Dana, Lisa and Mary went down and hit someone's old jump and smashed the front of our sled. Whoops.
(And they survived)

Mary came trudging back up the hill saying that her legs felt dizzy. :)

The slope
We tried to go down on the broken sled. Ha!

Two Eskimos on the hill



Dana and I tried to go down on the smashed sled and ended it up smashing it more. It got retired for good. :)

Nathan and Mary having a cozy story time with Mom
Snow! That keeps on comin'!

The milkmaid :)

My awesome sister-in-law making the butter for me! (And having fun while she was at it!)

And everyone had to do school including Mary

The snowy trail out to the barn.

Dad, are you petting the pig??!

Sunny Dream trying to give Mom a kiss. Or maybe that's the other way around, hehe.  (She's a show cow, that's why she has a fancy name)

We decided to have a valentines tea party so Lisa made her amazing tuxedo brownies. Yumm!

Mary was only too glad to help!

Jo made cake pops. Beautiful. And delicious!

And she made The. BEST. Scones. Ever. Usually they are dry and crumbly--not these!

Lots of sugar and good things to go along with the tropical green tea we bought at the tea shoppe in town.

Someone's happy! :)
More pictures to come later!