Thursday, December 13, 2012

Odds and Ends

Cousin time: always a treat!

And Liam time....

Gotta love that toddler waddle

This means Jo was in the kitchen

It also means she is an amazing cook! ;)
Jo playing the piano at a nearby coffee shop. It's a very cool place to go!



Mom and her friend Anne....(they go back to college days)
Hannah and Razz

Sally and her lil guy. It was awesome to have you over! ;)



Mom and Sally making a baby bath towel. They go back aways, as in Mom remembering Sally screaming in her playpen while Sally's Mom was practicing the music for Mom and Dad's wedding. Great memories! =D
K with Isaac

Kay taking advantage of 50 degree weather to wash "Gage", her show steer.

And Amy washed her cow, "Marsha" who is supposed to be showed at the preview show and state fair this coming year, Lord willing. Right now everyone looks a little rough but once mud season and winter is over the going gets a lot better.


~SALLY~ said...

Awww...we had such a BLAST with all of you! It was great to sit and chat with you, Mrs. R...what an encouragement you have been and are to me!! Thank you for your hospitality and for teaching me how to make those gorgeous towels! And yes...screaming in a playpen...ahh...memories. LOL! :)

Elliott Parfitt said...

Jo's cooking is making me hungry...I think I'll have lunch now!
Son of God and Country

David J. Martin said...

Did the rocket go off?

The Reynolds said...

No, the rocket never went off. Some kind of technical difficulty!