Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Weekend in Ohio

Cooking pots and pots of beans for Roshena's wedding!

Hard at work!

Amy working on lemons for lemonade

Lots and lots and lots of lemons! They smelled sooo yummy!

Back to beans

Back when we were neighbors we used to have tea parties all the time. Not prim and proper ones, either. It was simply a good excuse to eat junk food, drink tea, laugh and make good memories together. (Or if we didn't feel like drinking tea, we'd just buy frosty's to put in our teacups instead.;)
 So anyways, while we were there we had to have a teaparty. After all it's been 3 1/2 years!

We had everything all set on the table waiting for Kim to get home from work but since she got home so late we decided just to have dinner with our tea and junk food.

Dinner was alfredo chicken lasagna (absolutely amazing--thanks pintrest) and a spinach salad.
Then we all decided it would be more fun to party in the living room so we cleaned the whole table off, carried the table and the chairs into the living room, brought in our feast and set it all back up again.

We had a great time!


Kim ;)

Too much sugar??

Fruity smiles!

Frosting and Filling
(Because they always want to be on top and inbetween us "elder ones")

One night we went to see Roshena's house and then we went out to eat at a Mexican restuarant.
It was really yummy. Us and our fried ice cream and fried burritos.

Of course, we ate several bowls of their amazing tortilla chips and salsa...

Then we went home and stayed up late watching a movie and eating chocolate.
We went wedding shopping with Roshena and had to buy frappe's to satisfy our cravings.

Shopping sisters
Jen and Kay were bored ;)

 Have we been shopping too long??
Aim and Kim
Food at last! We went to the food court in the mall so everyone could go get what they felt like eating.

 Yummy sandwiches from chic-fil-a!
Dee-licious rice and chicken

A trunkload of wedding goodies



Megan Russell said...

How fun! I LOVED that Mexican restaurant when we lived in Ohio! Miss you guys! :)

Adama said...

O.. yes! I know All.. about that, you can just ask me.But it is aLot of

jo said...

all about what???