Sunday, May 26, 2013

Little Bits of Life the form of pictures! One day Nathan was happily biking through puddles and came back happily splattered. He loves biking and is always out riding around!

Wedding sewing. (Which David and Ro's wedding was Friday and it was so amazing-we're SO thrilled for them) Hopefully we'll be able to post some pictures of that before too long!

Spring dandelions.
We had our friends over for soft pretzels and homemade ice cream. Oh my word. Talk about YUMMY. And fatning. And as usual, the kids are a blast. They especially enjoyed licking every drop of ice cream from the dasher.


Jillian and Emmaline came to stay at our house to do some wedding sewing. I wasn't here at the time but it looks like they had fun. Sewing(!!!), babysitting, walks at the beautiful arboretum, ice cream....






Megan said...

Love the mud riding! Looks like something my brother Nathan would do!! lol :)

Emmaline Snyder said...

Hey those pictures look familiar! That was so much fun!

Elliott Parfitt said...

Nathan looks like my brothers and I have, many a good time!
Son of God and Country