Wednesday, September 4, 2013


As you can see from the lack of posts, blogging has been on the back burner. We've been having a great but crazy summer. July was spent traveling to Ohio like once a week and in August we had a week of fair, meetings at church, a week of girl's camp and two weeks of state fair. And we're building a barn. And our computer died. So here is a recap from July or at least some of July.
Staying cool at the pool! :)

Birthday Party!

And a dear friend showed up for a surprise!

So we went to visit the 30 mile point lighthouse, always a fun place to go.
Admiring the fridge in the kitchen

Climbing up to the top


Up on top

This was a nice country road we found in Ohio to drive down. (Because we like to do things like that)

Unfortunately it seemed to be very unused--so we had to turn around. :(

We stayed at our friend's house and ate WAAYY too much chocolate.
Because we were lazy we stayed in our pj's until 11 am and ate more chocolate and talked and laughed and ate some more.

Then we got our act together and went on a walk.
(Ju, Kim and Jen)



We like road pictures

We finally made it to El Campesino and passed out from hunger. (After we arrived by car of course)
Really we had to wait for the mom's.

So we enjoyed a yummy lunch there and then we headed back home which was sad because no one wanted to leave. But all good things come to an end!
More posts to come later!


~SALLY~ said...

Awww, so fun! I really really really REALLY miss you all. We HAVE to get together sometime very soon. Sounds like you have been keeping busy and I know this time of year is super busy sooo, maybe this winter. :)

Jillian Snyder said...

Looks like a great summer. I can't wait to see Girls camp pictures and the fairs! :)