Friday, April 18, 2014

Nica Night

A couple of weeks ago we invited friends over for a Nicaraguan meal. (That we've been talking about doing for the past 6 months!) So here are a few pix of the food. (And a couple of us. :)

Yummy food!

Us girls with our pupusas.....

It's all good Thabs, it really is.

We made arroz con pollo, fried bananas (since we couldn't find plaintain), pupusas, and Aunt Amy brought a yummy salad. We ate ALOT of arroz con pollo in Nicaragua and fell in love with the yummy mixture of rice, chicken, veggies, loads of garlic and onion, and tons of spices.

A closer upper.  Good food! 
So concludes the evening.

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Hannah said...

pupusas are the BEST!! I hate plantain..its so sweet tasting