Thursday, January 17, 2013

Family Fun

...because it is always fun when our whole family is together! There's always something to do, things to laugh at, good food to eat, places to go, games to play and always late nights which equal get-up-when-you-feel-like-it mornings which are nice during christmas vacation. And if I had been on top of things I would have posted all these pictures already but I decided if I post once a week--that's good, because it is time consuming and I hate spending tons of time on this thing!
 Jesse Bear, What will you wear? (A FIAR favorite of ours)
 Playing a six hour game of Risk which was WAAAYYY too long!
 (We decided to play the shortened version which shortened it up about 5 1/2 hours. *grin*)
 Wedding planning!
 With all of Aunt Jo's dolls and Uncle Nathan's farm toys Mary was all set. It looks like she's cleaning out the barn here. :)
 The Sat. after Christmas our whole family was able to go to Aunt Sue's house and see all the aunts, uncles and cousins. Aunt Sue had alot of fun toys for Mary.
 Playing dutch-blitz with some of the cousins
 Back home again, after a marvelous snowfall we decided to play fox and geese with David and Ro.
 It was very entertaining.
 So Ro made us frogmore for dinner one evening......
 Boil everything together in a big pot and dump it out on the table.
You know, kind of like feeding cattle at the trough. ;)
 Carrots, marinated chicken, potatoes, peppers, onions, shrimp, smokies and probably more that I'm forgetting.
 Spoon some cheese sauce or barbecue sauce or ketchup or ranch down on the table to dip the stuff in.
 Its absolutely awesome! Don't mind the shrimp tails in the distance.
 A David and Rhoda tournament!
 She looks determined!
 Playing a hilarious family game of pass-the-pillow
Nathan LOVES it when the older boys come home. He crawls all over them and in return he gets tickled and tormented but he loves it!

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