Sunday, January 27, 2013

Still Finding Pictures ;)

David, Ro, Amy and Micah went to the arboretum to get some pictures in all the snow.

It's beautiful over there no matter what season.
Love these two!


Mary loved sewing!

Josh is an amazing guy. He made us all blueberry french toast for breakfast one morning (becasue Ro dared him) and it was amazing! (I just helped him out a little and Mary snitched bread crumbs;)

Baking time with Aunt Amy!

 The result of  a snowball fight with Dana and Micah against all the girls

The official face washer. At least he got a few snowballs too the way it looks!
Ah, fun times! Miss you guys loads!!!!


Ads said...

Lookes like a lot fo fun to me if you ask me, but I dont know... about the snowey,stif, dreass.cant wate to see my best friend again.

Adama said...

Cant wate to see you All.