Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fair Days

These are from back in August. If you didn't notice, we are WAY behind on blog posts. Since Amy and I were in Nicaragua for a month and nobody at home blogged (they were very busy while we were gone)that's what happened but that's ok....we'll try to catch up!

Show time!


Scrubbing off all the show adhesives

The final drive for the market steers

The kids did great and were all right up near the top.

All the beef kids
And a few bonus pictures with the cousins at our favorite ice cream stand.


~SALLY~ said...

Fair food is the best, ya know? Miss you all so mich...hope we can visit soon. :)

Elliott Parfitt said...

I guess those two cows liked to snuggle; I have almost the same picture Here

Hope to see a Nicaragua post soon!