Thursday, October 24, 2013

Girl's Camp

This was an incredible week of camp, focused on the heart. There was excellent teaching in the morning and evenings by moms and older girls, lots and lots of singing, prayer, early mornings reading our Bibles, group time with everyone sharing what they learned from their devotions, games, exercising, memorizing scripture with relay races and going to the lake. It was wonderful and we're so thankful to the Lord for blessing the week in an amazing way!
Playing an ice breaker game the first evening

Claire and Michael
Claire did so much work putting the camp together and did an excellent job teaching on the heart. Thank you!!


Juliana and Mary cooking s'mores


Gotta have a campfire!

Julia and Selah doing the cornhole toss!


Go Mary!

Pool time
Deb, Juli, Sarah and Julia

Anna was our song leader

Jumping rope

A new kind of umbrella!

Liz and Anna

Playing the flip-flop game

Julia and Joanna
Brad came to make sure we sang our theme song, "God Sees the Heart", right.

Julia, our amazing piano player

The girls had to memorize a verse every day and then do a relay race. This was the sack race. They hopped to the leaders, said their verse and hopped back to their team. Whatever team finished first won.

The girls saying their verses

Then it was the leaders' turn! :)


We literally ate like kings the whole week! Thank you soooo much Mrs. P.!!

Kay and Mary


Jo and Ana

Lydia and Jo

A fun game of signs

Juliana, Jo and Kara

Yummy tent food!

After church on Wednesday night we came back to camp and ate tacos in a bag.

They were sooo delicious!
We thought it was funny that all the C. girls liked Fritos and all of us Reynolds liked Doritos so we got a picture.

For dessert we had sundaes in a bag. Julia and Jo ate one too many, haha.

They were a hit!

Amy, Kay and Mary

Our amazing cook!

Looking over the scavenger hunt details

Off we go!


Team 3's findings

Team 1's findings

A beautiful sunset at the lake

Abby, Kayla, Halle, Mary and Cassia holding Amy, who was their team leader

Practicing a song
Group sharing

Heading out for a morning run

Oh, such yummy breakfasts'! (Right Deb? *wink*)

Note taking

Another relay race

The shaving cream fight

The fearsome three

(It was a water fight too)

Claire had to spray everyone off before they could jump in the pool and the hose was cold.

Back to the lake to enjoy another sunset


"Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." 1 Tim. 4:12


James and Emily said...

Ok, that week looks like you had wayyyy too much fun! I wanted to join in on the shaving cream war. ;)

Mary said...

I MISS CAMP!!! That was one of the best weeks this year! God taught me so much and I can't wait till next year!!!! Love ya

Jillian Snyder said...

Thanks for posting pictures! Looks like you guys had a great week! :)

mary said...

Must confess that I am looking at these again for the third or fourth time! :) cant wait till our reunion :)))))