Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A mishmash of pictures

Thabeh and Jo at a friend's wedding
They didn't plan to match either!

Jo and her friend Hannah

Special treats from a dear friend

We had some friends over for the afternoon and spent most of it playing Risk :)


Micah faithfully working on the barn

Amy and her little buddy

Homemade browned butter doughnuts. YUM!

Work on the farm to get water lines and electric run out to the barn
The kids went to Cobleskill for the Colby Classic to participate in some youth challenges including livestock judging, practical knowledge quiz and meat cuts identification. They did really well.

They didn't show this time, just watched. ;)

And lastly Nathan was having fun with cards one evening at home
So that's just a little bit of what's going on here in our life. We're just enjoying being home and cozying down with our crackling woodstove, watching the big fluffy snowflakes pile up outside and drinking lots of tea and hot chocolate. We have about 14 inches of snow; a nice amount compared to what they have down south of us--over 4 feet! :/
We've also been making lots of Christmas cookies.....delicious! :)
Remember that this season is all about Jesus. He came so that we could be saved from sin and hell and live with Him forever. Does He live in your heart?
"...but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

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Cassia McCracken said...

Those are SO cool...I especially like Nathan's cards!:)