Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Montana Beauty

I came across these pictures the other day of when our family was out in Montana to visit my brother 3 years ago. I think I forgot how beautiful it is there so I'm re-posting them so you can enjoy them too!

In the Mission Valley

This is driving through the bison range

All the little dots are bison strung out along the ridge below us

Hairpin curves

Jo 3 years ago ;)

Looking across the valley to the Mission Mountain Range.

Absolutely breathtaking.

On our way to hike in the mountains

Mission Falls

Cameras just don't do justice!

The road we traveled many times

and a bonus of us in Wyoming at Old Faithful :)
Good times!


Adama J Brockett said...

Beautiful Beautiful! but it looks cold at the same time Looking forward to seeing moor,Love it.

Anonymous said...

That is so COOL!!!