Friday, July 26, 2013

Camping Part 1

One afternoon after v-ball with some extra friends from church at he campground we decided to go swimming.....
The pool awaits us!

And someone is happy about it!!

Deb reluctantly getting a wet, cold hug from Julia

And they try to drag her in

And the pictures speak for themselves

We had SO much fun with y'all!

Rose and Ads

Pool pals

We ate whoopie pies. They were amazing.

The race

For supper we had pie irons, always a camping favorite

Ads thrilled about roasting hotdogs

The G.'s came and joined us for some v-ball which was really fun!

 More to come later ;)


~SALLY~ said...

LOLOLOL!! Rose threatening to chomp on someone's foot in the one pool picture. Tooooo funny. :) I miss camping days with my family...good times. :)

Deb said...

That was a BLAST! HAHA, those pics in the pool made me laugh so hard!!!!!

Thabs said...

We had a blast camping with our cousins.swimming was also fun.I caint believe that feet pic was put on, was having too much fun taking pics,LOL.

Ads said...

Hi cozy cousins when is the next camping trip Alleghany!lke the post.