Thursday, July 11, 2013

Catchin' Up!

So...behold....our new garden at our new home!
Getting the land cleared, slowly but surely

Burning brush piles.....

which somehow jumped the driveway and started the hedgerow on fire. Which wasn't supposed to be on fire. Which means, carry lots of water and put it out.

That's Us. Eating.

Jo's pie. We're convinced she should start a pie shop.

Lula being a model for Amy and a cute one at that!

David and Ro stopped to see us!! ;)

Lil niece, on a slide somewhere!

The 5K a bunch of people from church ran in including Kayla and Micah. This is Julia and Kayla besides some guy I don't know!



Dana and Nathan having a balloon blowing contest. (It was Dana's b-day)
Amy and Mary baking

Opening gifts!

We had some really good family volleyball games but sometimes we were laughing so hard we couldn't hit the ball.

It was really entertaining.

Mmm.....Dana wanted homemade ice cream and chocolate chip cake

Yummmmmm! Lickin' good!

Last tea party with Mary. She's a tea party girl!

Practicing our softball. Embarrassing for some of us.

Josh, being a nice big brother took Nathan and Mary to the bow shop and bought Nathan arrows and chocolate milk for both of them. Oh were they happy.

The cool slugger and his shades ;)

Nathan just ADORES Josh. Well, ALL the big boys. He had a lot of fun when they were home!

Guess who the ham of the fam is?

Nathan had a hard time saying bye

Napping on the way to the airport


James and Emily said...

I love getting little glimpses of your new home! (since all I have seen is a beautiful drawn diagram ;) I am long over due for a "Reynolds visit" and I need to come soon!!! And I second the motion for Jo opening a pie shop - I will be your first customer, seeing as the picture of that pie makes me want a piece.... right N.O.W. Missing you all, Em

Anonymous said...

We still think of all of you often and miss you!!! Are you still in the same area of NY? Hoping someday to visit when we pass thru <3 tell your mom hi!!!
Love, Renee

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should have put my last name too Shearer :)