Wednesday, January 15, 2014


With 7 family members missing, it didn't quite feel like Christmas, but we had a wonderful day regardless. We had a yummy breakfast, and Dad was able to be home most of the day which was awesome. We chilled, opened presents, ate chocolate, played blokus like crazy and read our eyes out. That night we watched a very interesting non-Christmas movie and ate white trash and Christmas cookies. It was great.
A very small pile of gifts compared to what it usually is!
Plenty of laughter and smiles

 Especially when Miss Santa Claus showed up with her sack box of presents for everyone.

For weeks Jo had been hording away presents and chasing everybody out of her workshop (our bedroom!) after pasting a sign on the door that read "Santa's Jo's Workshop. Do not Disturb." So we teased her unmercifully about being Santa Jo. And like the Grinch, she hacked out a robe for herself and collected a beard, a belt and a pillow, (Grinch likeness stops there) showed up Christmas morning and literally threw presents at us. It was hilarious!

*Her beard was having trouble staying on

So that was our Christmas. Hope you all had a wonderful, blessed day, also!


Mary said...

Haha, Jo cracks me up! You all are so pretty!

Adama j. Brockett said...

Fun!Jo I dident no you were santas wife.I dont recall seeing your husband mr.calus on christmas eve. He must of gotten stuck in our chimmeny.your friend ADAMA JOY.