Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our Winter

Mom's early Christmas present--a butter churn!!

She's been wanting one for ever so we finally got her one! Cheers!
Thanksgiving Day we had the S. family over. Since they've been in New Zealand for 4+ years it was a treat to have them here.

Carving the best smoked turkey in the world. (And probably the worst for you too, but we try not to think about those facts during the holidays.)

Delicious rolls made by our guests

The best part of the meal is definitely sweet potato casserole!

Mashed 'taters drowning in browned butter. Can't get any better!
Lil David

And Linda

Back to the grub

Green bean casserole

(he was pointing at the cow)



And if you can't tell we love food...well....

A yummy plateful of food! We are SOOO blessed!

Emmaline made us delicious eggnog.

The guys playing checkers

Nathan loves to be out in the woods, chopping logs, building forts, hunting birds....whatever!

He's an outdoors boy!

The trail back through our woods.

Us girls practicing. We get on a roll and consistently practice for awhile, then we get lazy and quit. And as you can see, we aren't very organized. When we get done with a song we just toss the music on the floor and clean up later. *guilty grin*

I was going to write "delicious soap" but since we don't eat soap, that wouldn't be very appropriate. This is cinnamon swirl, I believe, and Amy's handiwork.

This a wonderful sight when the snow starts coming down! We believe in ALL things warm!

Some of our Amish friends came and helped finish up our barn. We're so thankful for that!

They got a lot done and it's lookin' good!

Christmas baking in the form of gingerbread men.

The view from our dining room. We still have quite a bit of work left to do back here.

This summer we decided to repaint Mom's poor chicken coop. It was really suffering and in need of a facelift. Now it matches our new barn. (And those are some of our bred heifers out there.) I love living on a farm!

Making 'white trash'

It's one of our Christmas favorites that we make every year.

Can't resist the urge to nibble! (never mind whose hand that is!)

Cozy winter days gathering books from the library to read.
Nathan reading about a boy named Slow. 
Ok-- Quiz: Who knows who Slow was??
I hope all of you are having a wonderful winter and are staying warm! (That is, if you live in the artic like us. *grin*)


Simply Farmhouse said...

Love all the photo's
what a wonderful life
you have...blessings to
your home.

Cassia McCracken said...

Love it! Who is Slow?

Cassia McCracken said...

Love it! Who is Slow?

Elliott Parfitt said...

I have the same churn! But I have a terribly hard time making butter. I must have the temp wrong or something.

Elliott Parfitt said...

Slow became Sitting Bull, right?

The Reynolds said...

Elliot, you are right! Sitting Bull was called Slow as a boy.
Room temperature works best to make butter in the shortest time.....65-70 degrees.

~SALLY~ said...

So much fun. HI MRS. REYNOLDS!!!! Love the butter churner, it looked small until it was next to Gail and wow! That thing is monstrous! :) Think of you all often and hope you are staying warm in these cold days. Love to all!