Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Of Friends, Sewing and Pirates

A Sunday afternoon with friends from church
Mihali on Treasure 


Nathan and Dimitri rode and rode and rode

Us girls went for a walk even though it really was too cold for a walk, so it didn't last long.

We went inside and played a VERY juvenile game of jumping frogs.

It's kind of addicting :/
Nathan and Razz. We reluctantly let our favorite cat in the house when we had blizzard warnings and it was below 0. We felt sorry for him.

Sewing pillowcases for an orphanage in Honduras

We tried to be somewhat creative and they turned out cute
So we were having cabin fever. I think that's why we did this.

It was fun. And we were very nice pirates.


Mary said...

You guys make adorable pirates!! I love it :)

Emily said...

Ok, I just died!!! I laughed way too hard! Well, I guess it's nice to know I am not the only girl that occasionally indulges in being a pirate! Although when I do it's for the boys, you know, they want to have somebody they can really fight with, someone that's not going to cry when they get hit or stuck with something, and when I act it is serious business, so I do a good job on my act, and my costume as well. :) You guys did a really good job, too. You're hilarious!!!

Jenny said...

Ya'll are hilarious!! Love the pirate pictures!!!

Juliana said...

Awwww! We had so much fun with youz that Sunday! And you forgot to mention that we were pros at frog jumping! :P Love those pirate costumes!